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[Ebook Việt Hoá] House plants: A guide to choosing and caring for indoor plants – QUEEN’S TEARS, FRIENDSHIP PLANT (Billbergia nutans)

Biên tập: Dũng Cá Xinh Dịch: Huyền Nguyễn English QUEEN’S TEARS, FRIENDSHIP PLANT BOTANICAL NAME Billbergia nutans This epiphytic bromeliad is perfect for a bright window in the house. It produces flowers on long, drooping stems.This plant is most often sold growing in pots filled with coarse medium, such as that used for orchids. But they […]

[Ebook Việt Hoá] What’s wrong with my houseplant?: Queen’s tears (Billbergia nutans)

Biên tập: Dũng Cá Xinh Người dịch: Huyền Nguyễn ENGLISH Queen’s tears (Billbergia nutans) is so beautiful and so easy to grow, it is no wonder it is such a popular houseplant. Plants grow 16 to 18 inches tall and 30 inches wide and are par- ticularly attractive in a hanging pot or basket, where the […]

[Ebook Việt Hoá] The indestructible houseplant – Bromeliads

You can find bromeliads that take up a big chunk of space, but Vriesea fenestralis, cryptanthus, and Quesnelia marmorata remain small, while air plant Tillandsia xerographica (the curly silver number) doesn’t even need a container.

Nguồn: Sách tiếng Anh bản cứng: The indestructible houseplant: 200 beautiful plants that everyone can grow – Tovah Martin Biên tập: Dũng Cá Xinh (Tháng 10/2021) Dịch: Quỳnh Nhi English My nephew is murder on houseplants. He means well, I’m sure. I have a photo of Ben as a wee tyke eagerly aiming a watering […]

[Ebook Việt Hoá] 300 Everyday Houseplants: Angel’s Tears, Friendship Plant, Queen’s Tears (Billbergia nutans)

Nguồn: [Ebook] The Houseplant Handbook: Basic Growing Techniques and a Directory of 300 Everyday Houseplants – David Squire Biên tập: Dũng Cá Xinh (Tháng 02/2022) Dịch: Team Codai.net  English  Angel’s Tears, Friendship Plant, Queen’s Tears: Billbergia nutans Narrow, dark-green leaves and arching stems bear large pink bracts and long, tubular, green flowers edged in blue, […]