[Ebook Việt Hoá] 300 Everyday Houseplants: Scarborough Lily (Vallota speciosa)

  • Nguồn: [Ebook] The Houseplant Handbook: Basic Growing Techniques and a Directory of 300 Everyday Houseplants – David Squire
  • Biên tập: Dũng Cá Xinh (Tháng 02/2022)
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Scarborough Lily: Vallota speciosa

Scarborough Lily: Vallota speciosa
Scarborough Lily: Vallota speciosa

Sometimes known as Cyrtanthus elatus, this is ideal for growing on sunny window ledges indoors. From midsummer to early autumn, the evergreen plants produce heads packed with up to 10 bright scarlet, funnel-shaped flowers, each about 3in (7.5cm) long.

Height: 15–18in (38–45cm)

Spread: 10in (25cm)

Winter: See below

Summer: See below

Care: Pot small bulbs in 3in (7.5cm) pots; larger bulbs, up to 3in (7.5cm) wide, in 5in (13cm)-wide pots. Pot in early autumn (although spring is also possible); leave the top of each bulb protruding ½–¾in (12–18mm) above the compost, lightly water, and place in 37–41°F (3–5°C). Initially, place in light shade; as growth begins, gradually increase the amount of light to direct light but not full sun. In spring, slowly increase temperature to 50°F (10°C), water more freely, and place in direct light without full sun. In summer, place on a warm, sunny windowsill and keep compost moist.

Propagation: Remove offsets in autumn or spring and pot into small pots. Offsets take up to 3 years to reach flowering size, until which time place in a greenhouse that is frost-free in winter and gently warm in summer.

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