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[Ebook Việt Hoá] House plants: A guide to choosing and caring for indoor plants – SILVER SQUILL (Ledebouria socialis (syn. Scilla violacea))

  Biên tập: Dũng Cá Xinh Dịch: Huyền Nguyễn English SILVER SQUILL BOTANICAL NAME Ledebouria socialis (syn.Scilla violacea) This small, bulbous plant has beautiful strappy leaves mottled with splotches of dark green.The underside of the leaf is a burgundy color. The bulb is usually sitting on top of the medium, adding to the uniqueness of this […]

[Ebook Việt Hoá] The indestructible houseplant – Silver squill

Diehard plants can do stunts, and that’s how this never-say-die silver squill (Ledebouria socialis) got tucked into a tackle box with a haworthia and mini jade plant, then top-dressed with marbles.

Nguồn: Sách tiếng Anh bản cứng: The indestructible houseplant: 200 beautiful plants that everyone can grow – Tovah Martin Biên tập: Dũng Cá Xinh (Tháng 10/2021) Dịch: Quỳnh Nhi  English   I’m coming through the door, hauling my usual load of booty snagged at a flea market. After a few trips back and forth to […]