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File this under things that might bring unexpected joy to your busy, hectic day. These timelapse videos of plants, captured over the course of hours, are the most relaxing, mesmerizing things I’ve seen in ages, and I think I might just watch them forever.

Caladium plants have large graceful tropical leaves that come in white, pinky-reds and green. This plant was filmed over the course of five days as its initial leaf unfurled, then was joined by another emerging stem from the soil.

Here’s To Dramatic Caladium Foliage

You might recognize Pilea plants from social media, with their bright green disc-shaped leaves and happy, photogenic presence. These plants do best when their soil has a chance to dry out between waterings, but the leaves will perk right back up with a nice drenching. They are pretty easy to care for, and will bounce right back, as this footage shows.

Photo-Friendly Pilea Plants Are Cute and Easy To Care For

Maranta, or prayer plants, have one fascinating feature. At dusk, the leaves fold together, as if in prayer. They open again with the morning light, sometimes with a faint rustle. Even when not in motion, its variegated leaves and prominent veins make for interesting and vibrant plants.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Prayer Plants

No flies in sight, but that doesn’t keep these most-famous carnivorous plants still. You may have seen venus flytraps in action as they clamp shut over their dinner, but here they gently move around in the light.

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