Look up Science Name by Photos: All species from genus Callisia

Look up Science Name by Photos: All species from genus Callisia
  • Please click on small photos to see larger photos with science name. 
  • Some species that do not have photos are either too rare or extinct.
  • We update the database continuously.
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Callisia's species and cultivars

  • Callisia ciliata
  • Callisia cordifolia
  • Callisia elegans
  • Callisia filiformis
  • Callisia fragrans
  • Callisia gentlei Matuda var. elegans
  • Callisia gentlei var. elegans
  • Callisia gentlei
  • Callisia graminea
  • Callisia hintoniorum
  • Callisia insignis
  • Callisia laui
  • Callisia micrantha
  • Callisia monandra
  • Callisia multiflora
  • Callisia navicularis
  • Callisia ornata
  • Callisia repens Bubbles
  • Callisia repens Bianca
  • Callisia repens Gold
  • Callisia repens Pink Lady
  • Callisia repens Copper Jewel
  • Callisia repens Gold Form
  • Callisia repens Pink and Gold
  • Callisia repens Pink Bubbles
  • Callisia repens Pink Jewel
  • Callisia repens Pink Panther
  • Callisia repens Triocolor Bolivian Jew
  • Callisia repens variegata
  • Callisia repens variegata Sweet Bubbles
  • Callisia repens
  • Callisia rosea
  • Callisia soconuscensis variegata
  • Callisia soconuscensis
  • Callisia tehuantepecana
  • Callisia warszewicziana var
  • Callisia warszewicziana

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