Handy Self-Watering Planters Will Help Keep Your Plants Alive

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Although it seems so straightforward, watering your houseplants can be a surprisingly tricky chore. For a lot of people, the issue isn’t remembering to fill up the watering can once or twice a week—it’s figuring out how much water your plants really need. Enter self-watering planters.

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Large Square Floor Planter

Your statement Monsteras and lemon trees will feel right at home in this modern square planter. Even though it’s plastic, it manages to look upscale and includes a handy water gauge that makes it easy to see when you need to refill the reservoir. It comes in five different sizes, too.

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Textured Wicker-Style Hanging Planter

Self-watering hanging baskets are especially practical because hanging baskets tend to dry out faster than other pots due to the increased air circulation around the pot. This one can be used indoors or out and also has a water gauge.

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Classic Terra Cotta Inspired Planter

If you want a classic terracotta look, try this simple option. It is about as basic a pot as you can get, and will fit in well with any decor style.

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Sleek and Shiny Jade Planter

This trendy color is all over Pinterest right now, and we can’t get enough of it. Sea green not your thing? There are five more colors to choose from and four sizes.

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Cute and Colorful Window Box Planter

There’s something so cheery and attractive about window boxes, and this planter makes it easy to keep them happily hydrated during the height of summer. Choose from six colors.

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Small Textured Planter

This modern, spherical planter is perfect for small succulents and desk plants. It features an easy-to-see water gauge.

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Set of 3 Colorful Plastic Pots

For a great deal, look no further than this matching set of three multi-sized pots. They have a handy window on the back that allows to see how much water is in the reservoir. Choose from blue, lime green, or white.

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