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[Ebook Việt Hoá] House plants: A guide to choosing and caring for indoor plants – SILVER SPRINKLES (Pilea glauca)

  Biên tập: Dũng Cá Xinh Dịch: Huyền Nguyễn English SILVER SPRINKLES BOTANICAL NAME Pilea glauca This diminutive, low-growing plant is a nice groundcover.The small red stems hold up small silver leaves less than 1⁄4 inch (0.6 cm) wide. It is a perfect terrarium or dish garden groundcover. LIGHT PREFERENCE This plant does need a […]

[Ebook Việt Hoá] The indestructible houseplant – Pilea

Pilea glauca ‘Aquamarine’ covers the ground in no time. This is a gutter section converted into a container (and drilled with some holes), but the pilea camouflages the entire surface.

Nguồn: Sách tiếng Anh bản cứng: The indestructible houseplant: 200 beautiful plants that everyone can grow – Tovah Martin Biên tập: Dũng Cá Xinh (Tháng 10/2021) Dịch: Quỳnh Nhi English Every family has its difficult members. Sit down to any Thanksgiving dinner, and you will find that some relatives are smooth while others are prickly. […]