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[Ebook Việt Hoá] House plants: A guide to choosing and caring for indoor plants – PERUVIAN OLD LADY CACTUS (Espostoa melanostele)

  Biên tập: Dũng Cá Xinh Dịch: Huyền Nguyễn English PERUVIAN OLD LADY CACTUS BOTANICAL NAME Espostoa melanostele This mountain-dwelling cactus grows white “hair” to protect itself from the intense sun it encounters in its native habitat.To make sure there is plenty of the white hair on your specimen, place it in as much sun as […]

[Ebook Việt Hoá] The Instant Guide to Healthy Houseplants: Espostoa

Nguồn: [Ebook Việt Hoá] The Instant Guide to Healthy Houseplants (Hướng dẫn tức thời để chăm cây trong nhà khoẻ mạnh) Biên tập: Dũng Cá Xinh Biên dịch: Team Codai.net  English The cacti of this genus, native to the Andes Mountains, look like small cotton-wool columns. Most species are slow-growing, typically growing no more than […]